IPython Notebooks in WordPress

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  1. This is an awesome solution. Worked just as advertised but I still have to test this out on Safari. Only problem, certain iPython notebooks I have when exported to HTML are 10s of M. Uploading several such notebooks can cause constraints on the hosting solution. I wish there was an on-the-fly execution mode.

    1. Thanks.

      Your right that this isn’t a good solution for large notebooks. I had to trim the animation sizes of some notebooks I wanted to put up to make it work. I imagine that one could setup some kind of on the fly solution on a system that one fully controlled, but it would likely be much more involved than what I’m doing here.

    2. Good point on hosting, but GitHub actually does this really well! Recently they integrated the nbconvert feature so you can view ipython notebooks in their repo browser. For example, my notebook can be viewed here:


      I found in the page’s source that the HTML conversion of my notebook gets embedded in an iframe with src=


      I think there’s a pattern to follow here but it might be easier to just got to the page yourself and get the iframe’s src.

  2. Very nice solution, thank you. I have used your approach verbatim essentially to embed IPython Notebook results in my blog. Works fine for my use. I my tinker with it later to save space… Too much width under ‘In[1]’ ‘Out[1]’ etc… goes waste…

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